Write an essay on the role of women in national development

Role of women in national development cannot be denied. Women remain the foremost artisans of any society because they are our first teachers and nurses. We have produced this sample essay on Role of women in national development

Outline: women and nation development

(1) Introduction: women, nation and national development

(2) Feminists as well as the conservative view of the issue

(3) Women adding not only fruits but also some worries to the Western plate

(4) The need to bring them forward

(5) The situation in the third world countries

(6) Conclusion:

Certainly, a nation comprises of both men and women: in principle, both of the sexes are responsible for the prosperity and development of the state and nation. Unfortunately, in the third world countries women are considered incapable to support the national cause. Some may favor the stance with logic but others have their own philosophy.

Those who believe that women ought to have a role to play in national development and progress cite the examples of modern Europe that was once poor and hungry but all their glory has resulted as a consequence of the toil put together by the two sexes. The others suggest that women are neither inferior nor equal to men. According to their philosophy, women should be employed in the fields where they are needed and there ought to be no display of women as an instrument.

Though the working of women has yielded much fruit for the Western world, yet they are facing numerous problems in this regard. They had to sacrifice their family life to a certain extent. The mixing of the two sexes brought into existence the unbearable sexual harassment. Fatherless children are found here and there in those developed societies. As a result, the moral and religious values are dying very quickly.

This has been a fact that we require women doctors, scientists, nurses, advocates, policemen, judges, legislators etc. to support our national cause. They have got to come out and take their due share. We can not deny them this right because our religion does not prohibit any woman from working. All over the world women have been running different industries and this is to be done by our women.

Women are half the population worldwide; therefore, it would be foolish to ingore them while planning for the national development and progress. In the third world countries women have been working esp. in the villages. They are also working in different garment and hand woven fabrics industries. What we need is to make them work as a unit. They ought to be provided with the loans for small industries. We have to guide them and assist them in this regard for national purposes.

Conclusion: Certainly, women need to work in a number of institutions like, medical, banking, teaching, judiciary, legislation etc. is and agreed matter so far. We ought not to look at the Western examples rather we should go ahead with our historic, social and religious beliefs because we can ill afford to lose our family structure as have done.We must adopt their strategies for woman work with certain changes in its basic pattern. It means that women should be free to choose whatever profession they opt to within a cautious framework. Our approach to the whole affair should be careful and cautious as well as encouraging.