Detailed Summary:The Old Man And the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, Part III

But the fish came again to eat the tuna fish and this time it swallowed the bait. The fish was heavy enough to carry even the fish with it and Santiago cries: "He has it sideways in his mouth now and he is moving off with it". Santiago talks to the fish within himself: "Eat it a little more," he said. "Eat it well." Eat it so that the point of the hook goes into your heart and kills you". Then Santiago, tried to pull the wire but the fish was so heavy that he could not pull it. He held it against his back. The old man misses the boy: "I wish I had the boy" because he could help him pull the fish. Four hours had passed and the fish was towing the boat steadily. Santiago thinks what if the fish swims downward and not on the surface.

Santiago shows a great resolve here. He is not likely to give up the fish because he proclaims of waiting for the fish even if it "will come up with the sunrise" next day. He feels strong and has no cramps. The night passed and the fish kept on swimming. The old man thought: " I can do nothing with him and he can do nothing with me". Its night once more and the fish is still swimming and Santiago desires of having the boy with him. He thinks nobody should be alone in his old age. Then Santiago begins to pity the fish he has hooked. He thinks of its age and strength. Santiago remembers of a female marlin that he once caught. The male of that marlin had remained along trying to save the marlin. Santiago judges this fish to be a male one. He thinks: "that was the saddest thing I ever saw with them".

He thinks he should not have been a fisherman. But the answer comes from within that he is born to be a fisherman. Meanwhile another fish had swallowed the bait and Santiago cut the wire so that he could save cord and stick to the big fish. In the efforts he also got a cut below his eye. Then he claims aloud: "Fish, I'll stay with you until I am dead." Now Santiago badly wanted the fish to come up so that he could see it and kill it but the wire was already strained enough and pulling it with stress would break the hook. Santiago declares: "Fish, I love you and respect you very much. But I will kill you dead before this day ends."

Santiago talks to a small bird which sits on his skiff to rest. In order to forget his backache Santiago tried to talk to the bird. Suddenly the fish gave another pull which dropped Santiago on the board. His hand was bleeding. Santiago cursed himself for talking to the bird and not paying attention to the fish. Then Santiago ate the small tuna to gain energy. Santiago keeps himself busy either by talking to himself or thinking e.g. "How do you feel, hand and Be patient, hand, I eat for you". He thinks of the weather and of hurricane which is not imminent.