Critical Overview and analysis of the Character of Louka in Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw

Louka, the maid, is "a handsome, proud girl in a pretty Bulgarian peasant's dress with double apron, so defiant that her attitude to Raina is almost insolent." She has no car even for the mother of Raina, the lady of the house. She is trying to prove equality of humanity despite the difference of class and manners. She is a characteristic example of defiance and self assertion. She is cunning and clever, too. She is, like the fugitive soldier, all the time in danger yet she is strong nerved and realistic. Though Nicola, servant of the house and Fiance of Louka, does want her to respect the family and especially Raina but she is consitently defiant. He keeps on asking Louka to behave herself but she never listens to him. Finally, he warns her that she must behave or he would not be able to marry her. But she would not listen. She has her eyes cast way above Nicola could imagine.

When Sergius keeps on flirting with her on Raina's back. Whenever he sees her: "His eye gleams at once. He takes a stealthy look at her, and begins to twirl his moustache nervously, with his left hand akimbo on his hip."

Louka plans and traps him to marry her. Here her boldness and courage help her win Sergius. She is ready to face all extremes and this very bravery wins her Sergius. When Sergius is trifling with her she asks him to be courageous enough to own her as her bride. She says:

"I would marry the man I loved, which no other queen in Europe has the courage to do. If I loved you, though you would be as far beneath me as I am beneath you, I would dare to be the equal of my inferior."

She ends up winning Sergius. Her character may be related to determination, planning, aggression and perservation.