Act Two, Part-III Detailed Summary of Arms and the Man: "Arms and the Man" by George Bernard Shaw

He releases her and wants the details. She says she does not know the man but she only heard him and:

"I tell you that if that gentleman ever comes here again, Miss Raina will marry him, whether he likes it or not."

She accuses Raina and Sergius of pretension of pure love while both of them are cheating on each other:" As for her, she's a liar; and her fine airs are a cheat; and I'm worth six of her." Sergius seeks pardon from Louka and she wants her hurt "made well". She offers her hand for a kiss but Sergius draws back understanding she wants marriage to her. While Louka is leaving, comes Raina and straightaway asks: "Have you been flirting with Louka?" This shocks Sergius though Raina says she meant it for a jest. Serguis kisses her hands. Before, they go out Catherine stops them and asks Sergius to help his uncle in sorting out the transit of troops. He goes inside.

Catherine asks for how long the Swiss was in her room before she told her mother. Raina tries to avoid the answer but later admits impertinently and even goes on saying: "I know Sergius is your pet. I sometimes wish you could marry him instead of me." Raina leaves for her room and now Catherine is alone in the lawn. Louka informs her of a Swiss with a heavy bag has come to meet her. Catherine, thinking her husband is busy in the library, calls him in the lawn. She takes the bag and asks him to go away immediately before anyone finds out. But major Petkoff and Sergius come running to stop him before he can go.

They greet him as a friend and seek his guidance for crossing the troops. At the very moment, Raina comes down and addresses the Swiss: "Oh, the chocolate cream soldier!" Her mother handles the situation quite intelligently. However, major Petkoff requests the Swiss to stay for the days till he is not going back to Switzerland. He refuses but agrees after a while.