Act One, Part-II Detailed Summary of Arms and the Man: "Arms and the Man" by George Bernard Shaw

The man threatens her asking to remain silent. This is a Servian officer running for his life. He tells her "If I'm caught I shall be killed". She says that she know that some soldiers "are afraid of death." But he rather corrects her: "All of them, dear lady, all of them, believe me". She, being in night gown, tries to get to her cloak to put it on. But the man snatches the cloak:

"I'll keep the cloak: and you will take care that nobody comes in and sees you without it."

But when he feels that the troops are near the door to catch him, her returns her cloak asking her to put it on before they come.

The Bulgarian officers and soldiers have entered her house. Louka knocks on her door asking her to dress up as the soldiers want to search her balcony. Raina hides him behind the curtain. She takes off her cloak and poses as if she were asleep. The officers enter the room and find nothing on the balcony. They all leave while Louka can sense that something is the matter with her mistress. She leaves with a cunning smile on her face. The Servian officer comes out of the curtain and thanks Rains with the words:

" I wish for your sake I had joined the Bulgarian army instead of the Servian."

He further tells her that: " I am only a Swiss, fighting merely as a professional soldier. I joined Servia because it was nearest to me".

They see that the pistol was lying on the ottoman while the Bulgarian soldiers were searching the balcony but it was a lucky escape. Raina gives him the pistol saying: "Pray take it to protect yourself against me." But the Servian soldier sarcastically responds: "It's not loaded." She asks him to load it then. He informs her that:

"I've no ammunition. What use are cartridges in battle? I always carry chocolate instead; and I finished the last cake of that yesterday."