Analysis of the Character of Sergius in Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw

Sergius, a typical empty headed man is the ideal of a young lady called Raina. He has been cheating on his Fiance for a long time though she finds it out quite late. He is a major in the military of Bulgaria. During the war, he has wrongly charged the regiment at a cavalry though due to a shot of luck the entire regiment was saved and he became victorious. He himself admits this fact on several occasions within the play. However Raina, his Fiance remembers his bravery in the words:

"He defied our Russian commanders-acted without orders-led a charge on his own responsibility-headed it himself-was the first man to sweep through their guns."
But the Swiss gives the correct account of his charge in the manner: "Of all the fools ever let loose on a field of battle, that man must be the very maddest. He and his regiment simply committed suicide-only the pistol missed fire, that's all."

Sergius opts for the ugly and clever Louka at the cost of losing Raina. He is a real stupid and foolish man that never takes the right decision. However, marrying Louka may atleast be called a moral victory for the young man because the aristocracy never corrects itself; however, he does though it was under the planning and cleverness of Louka. It may well be said that he was entrapped and converted by Louka.