Act Three, Part-I Detailed Summary of Arms and the Man: "Arms and the Man" by George Bernard Shaw

It is the library room, comprising of extremely comfortable sitting yet only a few books. Here the Swiss is preparing the movement plans of the troops. Then major Petkoff inquires Catherine about the old coat he usually wears at home. She says it is in the closet. He does not believe saying it is not there. He offers her jewellery as a bet if the coat is found. And the coat is indeed found. While finding the chance to talk to the Swiss in privacy, she asks him not to tell anything to Sergius:

"I want to be quite perfect with Sergius-no meanness, no smallness, no deceit. My relation to him is the one really beautiful and noble part of my life."

She goes onto say that she never lied in her life except that night to which the Swiss does not agree. She gets angry and calls him ungrateful. But when he does not move she softens and

strangely utters: "How did you find me out?" Raina accuses him of being the first man not taking her seriously and he translates it:

"You mean, don't you, that I am the first man that has ever taken you quite seriously?"

A letter comes for the Swiss while they are talking. This is from the lawyer of his father informing him the death of his father and leaving him plenty of wealth which in abundant for him. He decides to leave for his country at once.

Nicola is trying to tell Louka that she must behave herself. He warns her of breaking the relationship with her. She rejects him with scolding. Then comes Sergius flirting with her. She decides to trap him. She asks him what true bravery is and wants him to marry her: "I would marry the man I loved, which no other queen in Europe has the courage to do. If I loved you, though you would be as far beneath me as I am beneath you, I would dare to be the equal of my inferior." Getting trapped in Louka's words, Sergius gives her the word: "If I choose to love you, I dare marry you, in spite of all Bulgaria. If these hands ever touch you again, they shall touch my affianced bride." She tells him about the Swiss soldier and Raina.