Act Two, Part-II Detailed Summary of Arms and the Man: "Arms and the Man" by George Bernard Shaw

Later Rains comes and Sergius treats her like a queen. Then Sergius tells that he has resigned from military. Sergius also confesses of having foolishly led an entire regiment to cavalry charge. He also reveals how Swiss officer misled and fooled them. Raina, indirectly, confirms if it is the same person she has provided shelter to. Sergius tells how cleverly the Swiss soldier hid into the house of a Bulgarian maid and both the mother and daughter entertained him.

When Catherine takes her husband inside the house to show the electric bell, both Raina and Sergius express the deep love they seem to have for each other. Sergius seeks forgiveness for having disappointed Raina while she utters in deep emotional yet sentimental tone:

"I trust you. I love you. You will never disappoint me, Sergius".

Both decide to go out for some time and when Raina moves into the house to fetch her hat, Sergius shows his love in the manner: "If you are away five minutes, it will seem five hours." But as soon as Raina is away and Sergius looks at Louka, he starts flirting with her and "his eye gleams at once. He takes a stealthy look at her, and begins to twirl his moustache nervously".

Then he holds her in his arms. She asks him to let her go and he does not. She says that anybody can see them there. Upon this they move to the stable yard where they are not seen. While he is trying to kiss her she says:

"I don't want your kisses. Gentlefolk are all alike-you making love to me behind Miss Raina's back, and she doing the same behind yours."