Important Characters' analysis in Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw

Characterization remains the most influential aspect of any play and the peeping into the delicacies of human intellect and the psychological development of their thought patters do help us a lot enhancing our understanding of human behaviours in the generality of this world. Shaw is known for his unique yet light hearted presentation of true face of things. So is the case with his presentation of the characters in all his writings in general and in "Arms and the Man" in particular.

He would force us to face the true and hidden human; this he does by unfolding the inner meanness of us all. He does not seem to insist us for the idealization of a few while others could be put into the average lot. Bernard Shaw gives the lesson through his characterization that humans are more or less average, they may excel in one trait while another remains low. Below is the list of important characters in the play "Arms and the Man" by George Bernard Shaw. We have discussed and analyzed every character individually.They may be great, little, mean, innocent and clever; but their portrayal remains as much human as possible.