Brabantio Character Analysis in Othello; Discuss the character of Brabantio

Brabantio is an influential senator in the state of Venice where Othello, a Moor has become a general. The senator is very fond of Othello's bravery. He often invites Othello to his house to listen to his awe inspiring tales of fights and difficulties. The senator has a daughter, Desdemona. She is so inspired by te tales of Othello that she falls in love with the apparently brutish black man, Othello. The senator is unaware of all this.

Desdemona and Othello elope and marry secretly while the senator is informed of this by Iago and Rodergio. The senator wishes revenge on Othello but he is stopped by the Duke of Venice because Desdemona states that she has freely married Othello. We find the senator truly broken and damaged when his daughter is more faithful to Othello than to him:

"I am glad at soul I have no other child:

For thy escape would teach me tyranny".

"O treason of the blood!

Fathers, from hence trust not your daughters' minds

By what you see them act."

The senator is gloomy and dejected over the loss of his daughter to Othello. He consumes his heart and soon passes away before the dreadful murder of is daughter at the hands of Othello with whom she has eloped.