Act III, Scene I & II-Detailed Summary of Othello: "Othello" by William Shakespeare

Scene I

Cassio is at the castle giving gold coin to the clown to seek the favour of meeting Desdemona through Emilia. Iago comes there and Cassio informs him of the intent. Iago says that he will send his wife for him and try to take Othello out of the palace to give him some time to talk to Desdemona.

Emilia enters the scene. She appeases Cassio by telling him that the general likes you. Desdemona has been defending you all the while. The general says that the man Cassio has hurt is of a great fame; therefore, Cassio cannot be brought back into the position as yet. He must wait for the suitable time. Cassio requests her for a meeting with Desdemona and she leads him to her.

Scene II

Othello is in the company of Iago and some gentlemen. They are talking over some state matters.