Act II, Scene I Detailed Summary of Othello: "Othello" by William Shakespeare

Scene I

It is Cyprus, a seaport is in the scene. Montanio and some gentlemen are talking about the sea storm which destroyed the ships carrying Turkish troops. They are also discussing about the arrival or Cassio and the mission of Othello. Then Cassio enters the scene and tells that the ship of Othello was lost in the tempest. They must pray for the survival of brave Othello.

Then a ship sails carrying Iago and Desdemona. Now they patiently wait for Othello to arrive safely. Then we find Desdemona, Iago and Emilia conversing. Iago calls his wife talkative while Desdemona thinks she is not. Iago criticizes his wife and Desdemona asks him to describe Desdemona's personality. We find good sense of humour portrayal of wit by them all. While they are talking, Iago sees that Cassio is very frank with Desdemona. He thinks of using this frankness later.

Suddenly, there is announcement that a ship is seen and that brings Othello. He meets Desdemona in an extremely emotional manner saying:

"It gives me wonder great as my content
To see you here before me. O my soul's joy!
If after every tempest come such calms,
May the winds blow till they have waken'd death!"

Othello announces that Turk fleets are drowned of the tempest. He also announces celebration for that. Then he leaves alongwith Desemona.

Iago meets Roderigo and reveals his plan of telling Cassio that Desdemona loves him. According to Iago's philosophy, the beautiful Desdemona will soon be fed up with the bestial influence of the Moor and will find some second choice. Cassio fits the chance well. Though Roderigo doesn't think so of her character, yet Iago has his way.

Iago asks Roderigo to come at night while Cassio is on duty and provoke him for fight. The rest is to be left to Iago. The plan of Iago is to poison the ears of Othello about Desdemona:

"I put the Moor
At least into a jealousy so strong
That judgment cannot cure".