Roderigo Character: Discuss the character of Roderigo, an ex-suitor of Desdemona

Roderigo is the one of the most stupid characters that Shakespeare ever produced. He is in love with Desdemona. He wants to win her love. But to his shock, Desdemona has eloped and married Othello, a Moor. Roderigo is a rich guy. He comes in contact with the cunning Iago and falls a prey to him.

Roderigo is the one that goes to the house of Brabantio to provoke him into an anger so that he may kill Othello. But he as well as Iago are unfortunate enough because the guards of the Duke arrive at the same time seeking Othello for the Duke.

Iago loots and plunders Roderigo in the name of giving gifts to Desdemona. Iago keeps on asking Rodergio to be ready with his money to win Desdemona back from the brute. Roderigo, having become a fool for a long time does complain sometimes but everytime Iago fools him again.

However, towards the end of the play, Roderigo has realized that Iago is fooling him. He keeps a detailed note about all the dealings and commitment of Iago towards him. And when he dies the note helps in investigating the true role of Iago.