Act III, Scene IV-Detailed Summary of Othello: "Othello" by William Shakespeare

Scene IV of Othello Act 3

Desdemona is asking the clown to search for the lodgings of Cassio and fetch him there. She wants to tell him that she her husband has agreed to reinstate him. The clown exists. Now Desdemona is sad for the lost handkerchief. She asks Emilia about the handkerchief but she lies.

Othello enters. Desdemona greets him with the will to get Cassio reinstated instantly. All her love and care seems strange to Othello. She then asks him to restore Cassio. Othello asks her to give him her handkerchief which he gifted her. She tells that she does not have it yet. Othello replies that the handkerchief was got from an Egyptian and its loss means cheating. He also tells her that there is magic in the web of the handkerchief.

Then he asks her to take care of the handkerchief. Then suddenly he asks for it. He then says she must have lost it. She says she has not. Othello demands the handkerchief but Desdemona demands the restoration of Cassio first. The argument prolongs and thereupon Othello leaves.

After this, Cassio and Iago enter. Desdemona tells Cassio that Othello is not in a good mood and he must wait. She assures him once again that she will do the most for him. However, Desdemona has felt that something is wrong.

While going back Cassio comes across Bianca. She sees the handkerchief in his hand and inquires about it. Cassio tells her that he found it in his room. And he likes the handkerchief. He does not intend to return the napkin unless asked for.