Act IV, Scene II-Detailed Summary of Othello: "Othello" by William Shakespeare

Scene II

Othello inquires Emilia about the meetings of Desdemona and Cassio but she tells only the fact. She tells him of the nobility of her lady. But Othello does not seem to believe. He calls in Desdemona and rebukes her. He abuses her.

She sees Othello weeping and asks the reason of him weeping. Othello says that she is the reason. Her acts are the cause. He calls her the whore of Venice. He calls her mistress. She weeps then stops weeping. Emilia enters and Desdemona asks her to bring her wedding dress and her husband Iago. He also says that Desdemona has no lord from thence.

Desdemona, again trusting the wrong person, asks for help. She sends him to her husband for reconciliation.

Iago and Roderigo are seen conversing. Roderigo asks Iago to return his jewels he has got from him in the name of gifts for Desdemona. He threatens him of meeting Desdemona and telling her all the things. Here Iago tells him that Cassio must be killed that night to save Desdemona for Roderigo. And the fool, Roderigo, again falls for Iago.