Emilia Character Analysis: Discuss the character of Emilia, Wife of Iago

Emilia is the wife of cunning and evil Iago. She is not aware of the true face of her husband. She is very faithful and loyal to the wife of Othello, Desdemona. Emilia is the trustworthy advisor, friend, companion and assistant to Desdemona.

Emilia, unknowingly, becomes a tool in the hands of Iago when she brings him the fallen hankerchief of Desdemona to her husband.Though she is very intelligent indeed. She understands it all when Othello has killed her lady, Desdemona in the doubt of adultery with Cassio. She understands that the whole game has been set up by her own husband.

Emilia is so loyal to Desdemona that she refuses to respect and obey Othello after he has killed Desdemona. She is the first one to shout murder of the fair lady.And indeed it is her that provokes inquiry into the whole matter leading to her husband being guilty of the whole plan.