Act IV, Scene I-Detailed Summary of Othello: "Othello" by William Shakespeare

Scene I

Othello is accompanied by Iago's ill advices and presence. Iago is stirring the deep rooted jealousy and hatred in Othello. He is misleading him into such a state of mind which demands nothing but revenge. Iago uses the words like:

"Or to be naked with her friend in bed
An hour or more, not meaning any harm?"

Iago once again reminds him of the handkerchief which his wife has lost(given to Cassion as per Iago). Othello says he had really forgotten about the incident but he must follow this. Iago adds more fuel by associating ill-sentences to Cassio spoken for Othello. Othello is so angry that he falls onto the ground.

Cassio enters and inquires about Othello's current state because he is foaming in the mouth. But Iago asks him to leave Othello as it is because his current state demands this.

Iago asks Othello to seek a hide for listening his conversation with Cassio. Iago plans to ask Cassio about his sexual relation with the lady Bianca that sells her body for money. But the same story he wishes to pose to Othello as if it were about Desdemona.

Cassio's gentle style already kills Othello. While Cassio is relating the story of Bianca, she comes there and refuses to copy the design of the handkerchief he found in his chamber. She also inquires him how it is possible that he does not know of the handkerchief found in his chamber. After that she leaves and Iago also leaves after her.

Othello decides to kill Desdemona for the crime of adultery she has committed in his view. He asks Iago for poison but he advises him to strangle her in the bed. Iago promises to kill Cassio by the time Othello kills Desdemona.

Othello enters the room and finds Lodovico in there with the message from the Duke of Venice. While Othello reads the message, Desdemona tell her cousin of the breach by Cassio and the action of Othello against him.

Lodovico tells Desdemona that the Duke has called Othello back from Cyprus and he is supposed to hand over the charge to Cassio. Desdemona is happy over this but Othello is taking all this in some other way.

Othello strikes Desdemona and she leaves weeping. Lodovico is amazed and displeased. Here Iago again poisons the ears of Lodovico againt Othello.